Visual Text Analysis

Select one object/item/image or space from one of the two sites you have visited for discussion and analysis.

Item: ”Face Poser”

Site: DreamWorks’ Animation, The Exhibition. Te Papa, Wellington.

Question Responses:

  • Describe it considering: visual elements, subject matter, composition, materials, construction, skills used to construct it, the technologies used to make it or view it?

‘’Face Poser’’ is an interactive touch screen computer that allows the participant to choose a favourite DreamWorks animated character, and creates their own facial expressions from a library of shape choices. This interactive activity is very appealing to younger children due to the vibrant, vivid colours which look very realistic. The computer screen has been displayed on a wooden box which is at an appropriate height for younger children.

  • What was it made for, who was it made for/who uses it?

‘’Face Poser’’ was made to give audiences a better understanding of the creative processes that take place behind the scenes of DreamWorks’ films. The Face Poser also allows audiences to customise their experience. The Face Poser was made primarily for younger audiences who visit the exhibition.

  • Who was its intended audience?

Young children and their parents.

  • Is it/ or does it have a wall text or plaque – what does it say?

To the top left-hand side of the Face Poser, there is a wall text which explains how to use the Face Poser and gives some insight into what character animators do as a job. The wall text states, ‘’In an animated film, the character animators are the actors, bringing the director’s vision to life by posing the characters one frame at a time. Every nuance of emotion needed to tell the story must be carefully hand-crafted to give each character life. The most difficult and important part of any animated performance is in the face. Choose a favourite DreamWorks animated character, and create your own facial expressions from a library of shape choices. Will you try for comedy or drama?’’.

  • What attitudes do you think people have about it? What are your own?

The attitude towards the Face Poser is very positive. From observing children’s excitement as they realised there was an interactive activity available, it was very clear to me that this item was bringing positivity and energy to the exhibition.

  • Why is this item deemed important enough to be housed here?

This item is very important in this exhibition as it provides another method of understanding  the background of filmmaking, other than just displaying artworks and sculptures. The Face Poser is also important as it makes the exhibition more exciting and fun for children and, therefore, will encourage children to attend future exhibitions which can be very beneficial to their learning.

  • Where does it sit in relation to other objects/items/images in this place?

The Face Poser stations are positioned towards the middle of the exhibition against a free standing wall. On the other side of this wall is a large projection screen that plays interviews on repeat.

  • Why might it be where it is?

The Face Poser may be positioned where it is so that all the technology based displays are close to one another, therefore creating a technology ‘’zone’’.


Fig. 1. Face Poser, DreamWorks’ Animation, The Exhibition. Personal photograph by Kate Arbuckle. 13 Mar 2016.

Write a short paragraph providing the reader with a clear understanding of your selected visual text. 

The Face Poser is an interactive touch screen device which allows the audience at the DreamWorks’ exhibition to gain a clear understanding of the work that goes on behind the scenes. The Face Poser also provides an activity to interest young children and to get them excited about attending an exhibition. Face Poser is designed and programmed so the participant can create their own DreamWorks’ character with a range of facial expressions and shapes to choose from. This visual text was hugely popular at the exhibition, with children eagerly lining up to have their turn at creating a unique character. Overall, the face Poser introduced fun and excitement to the DreamWorks’ exhibition, therefore creating an exhibition suitable for all audiences.


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