Planning and Preparation

Activity 16 Questions and Responses:

What do you think might be the advantages and disadvantages of these different ways of organising writing?

By having several ways to organise writing there is sure to be a way to suit each individual. This is an advantage as all students are therefore able to work to their strengths, which will likely produce higher quality writing. However, having a range of writing methods could also be a disadvantage if working in groups, as students would each have their own preferred method of organising writing (unlikely that all students would write using the same method).

Which way of planning and shaping is most like your own approach?

The ‘’Architect Writer’’ is the method that is most like my own approach when it comes to academic writing as I am a very organised and methodical person. I prefer to plan out my writing in forms of lists and brainstorms before I begin a task such as an essay.

How do you think your way may be different from any of these?

My way of writing is very similar to the architect writer style, however rather than recording my notes and planning in a column I prefer to write lists. For example, before beginning an essay I will write a small list for each paragraph. Each list will contain the paragraph number, key point, discussion, and evidence.

Describe how you plan and organise your writing for a major essay.

To begin I will highlight the key words in the essay question, this gives me a clearer idea of what I need to discuss in my essay. I will then begin planning my essay by writing small lists for each paragraph, including the introduction and conclusion. Each list will include the paragraph number, key point, discussion points, and evidence such as quotes or statistics. Once I am happy with my list and feel well prepared I will write the first draft. When draft one is complete I will begin the revision process by checking my grammar and referencing. Then once I am satisfied that my essay covers the question and is well presented I will write my final copy to be submitted.

Explain what kind of thinker planner you identify most closely with.

I feel I identify the most with the Architect Writer as I plan and construct my essays in a similar manner. I am a very organised and methodical person, therefore thoroughly planning out the structure of my essays before I begin writing works best for me. I will often work from lists and sometimes brainstorms when planning the structure and key points for my essays. Lists allow me to ensure I am answering the essay questions and are including relevant and appropriate evidence for each key point/statement I make.


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