Question Selection Response

Question 4: ‘The Changing World’ (Mirzoeff, Chapter 6. 211 –252) considers human influences and impacts upon the environment, flora and fauna. He proposes that western cultures, in particular, have had a preoccupation with the ‘conquest of nature’ (220). Explain what he means and then discuss some of the different ways artists, designers, and concerned others are drawing attention to the implications and consequences those influences and impacts have for people, and/or their environment. Conclude by considering the overall consequences for the planet and its different life forms.

Explain in your own words what you think the question is asking you to do?

Question 4 is asking the writer to discuss ways in which artists/designers are creating works to represent the negative consequences that human actions are having on the environment. In order to answer this question, it would be a good idea to research further into the various actions that are impacting on the environment and how these actions have progressed over time. Research into various medias that artists/designers use to illustrate these actions. Also, look at contrasting nature with man-made objects which could cause some negative impacts on the environment.

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