Research The Analytic Essay

Explain what an analytic essay is.

An analytic essay is a type of essay where the writer will analyse, interpret or examine a particular subject or context that has been stated in the essay question. Analytic essays will often involve critical thinking as the writer is expected write beyond the standard summary and description of the question given. (Clarke, 2007, p. 151).

What makes it distinct from other genres of academic writing?

Analytic essays require the writer to have a more specific focus rather than writing an overall summary of the text, much like other academic writing genres and essay types.

Identify some recommended approaches and processes to follow when setting out to write an analytic essay.

Analytic essays loosely follow the standard essay structure that all students are taught to follow; Introduction, Body, Conclusion. The introduction for an analytic essay will often include a thesis statement. A thesis statement describes the writer’s point of view or opinion on the essay question and highlights the direction that the essay will follow. The body of the essay is used to discuss the key points. Each key point must be supported by appropriate evidence. Lastly, the conclusion is a brief statement to round up the essay and reinforce the writer’s response to the essay question.

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