Writing Exercise, Summary, Mind Map (Tasks 3B,C,D, Week 4)

TASK 3B: 5 Minute Writing Exercise

  • Climate and our environment are constantly changing.
  • Not all changes can be physically observed.
  • Effects on the environment mentioned include Coal, smog, tsunami, storm, flood, drought…
  • Tsunami: Japan 2011 (radiation).
  • Pollution: East River, New York as an example.
  • Comparing and contrasting different countries and how they are affected by the changes on the environment. Begin to think not just about your own country, but instead, think about the world as a whole.

TASK 3C: Paragraph Summary

Chosen Paragraph: Paragraph 1, Page 213, Changing The World.

As Mirzoeff (2015) points out, the climate is constantly changing worldwide due to our actions, for example, burning of fossil fuels. The climate will continue to constantly change even though we can’t always physically see these changes occurring. Even if we were to reduce our actions that impact negatively on the environment, the climate would still continue to change. (Mirzoeff 213).

TASK 3D: Mind Map





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