Video Review


I found this video very informative and easy to understand the concept of visual literacy and critical thinking. I have learnt that visual images can be very powerful tools to use to communicate an idea, however it takes skill and practice to be able to successfully interpret the meanings behind the images. Visual literacy is about examining and analysing visual works in order to understand the idea/concept. I have now realised that visual literacy and critical thinking work well together as the critical thinking forces the viewer to think beyond the visual work in front of them. If a viewer is a critical thinker they will take the time to analyse and think thoughtfully about visual works and will have the ability to take on knowledge.

I would highly recommend this video to others as it is short and to the point. It is also very easy to understand and enjoyable to listen to.

‘’Being visually literate matters because we live in an increasingly visual world’’.


This video gave a more personalised and in-depth analysis of visual literacy, compared to video one. I learnt that visual literacy can include analysing the angle, lens type, or point of view (i.e. birds eye view, wide angle lens), that the work has been situated to give a more in-depth understanding of the meaning behind the visual work. Martin Scorsese was very passionate about the need to start teaching visual literacy to children at a younger age, which I agree with. If children were to be taught about the importance of visual literacy at a younger age they would have a different view on the world around them and would learn to think beyond the surface.

I found this video very interesting and different to the previous video. I personally would recommend watching video one rather than video two as it was far clearer and simple to understand what visual literacy is.


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