Written Response

What is Mirzoeff asking you to think about?

Mirzoeff is asking the reader to think more widely about the environment and the changes that are/have been occurring, not only in their country but around the entire world. Mirzoeff is making us reflect on our own actions and the effects our actions may be having on the environment, both nature, and animals. After reading Mirzoeff’s chapter, ‘’The Changing World’’, I now realise that the earth is constantly changing even though we can’t always see these changes physically. (Mirzoeff 213-252).

Do you think it might be important we know about it, think about it or consider it, or research it in more detail?

I defiantly think it is important that society learns about the negative effects our actions are having on the environment as we will therefore hopefully become more inclined to change our ways. If no-one was to learn or consider the negative effects that we cause on the environment the climate would begin changing even faster than it currently is. (Mirzoeff 213-252).

Select a visual text from the chapter that best exemplifies your understanding or Mirzoeff’s ideas and explain why you have selected this in view of your understanding. 

A visual text that I feel best exemplifies my understanding of Mirzoeff’s ideas is, ‘’the climate will keep changing for centuries. And yet we still can’t see it, literally and metaphorically’’. (Mirzoeff, 213). This text highlights one of Mirzoeff’s key points, that the world is constantly changing. This text has given me a clearer understanding of the concept of change in terms of the environment. I now understand that even though some change is not physically observable, it doesn’t mean it isn’t occurring.



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