Visual Literacy

Video Viewed: 

Smarthistory Art Historical Analysis, a basic introduction Goya Third May 1808.

Mind Map Continuation:

I have attached all of the ideas and skills I learnt from the video viewing about how to analyse historical artworks. For my mind map, I decided to link my new ideas to Joseph Wright’s painting, An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump. I briefly analysed this artwork by looking at its formal properties, subject matter, and historical context.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 2.27.42 PM.png

Select one idea and discuss how it relates to one of the visual texts you will refer to in your essay. (35-150words).

An idea that was discussed in the video I viewed was historical context, and how it is an important aspect to consider when analysing artworks. The visual texts that will support my essay key points are all historical paintings which is why this idea from the video is relevant to my essay. For example, when analysing Monet’s painting, Sunrise, I will discuss how the painting was created around the time when the industrial coal industry in France was producing smog (mid-nineteenth century). I will then research further into the smog and what impact it had on the environment. After reading Mirzoeff’s chapter six, I can also discuss how Monet’s painting illustrates the beginning of environmental destruction. (Mirzoeff 227).


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