Analysis Ideology

  • Define Ideology (30-75 words).

Ideology is the ideas and assumptions that are made about the way something happens or the way something is supposed to happen. Ideology occurs within all cultures and consists of values and beliefs that are shared. (Sturken and Cartwright, 23). In short terms, ideology is a method of thinking that is shared amongst individuals, groups, or cultures.

  • Refer to one of your selected visual texts to explain why you think ideology is an important consideration when analysing this visual text.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 1.20.50 PM

Fig. 1. Monet. (1875). Unloading Coal, Oil on canvas. Retrieved from|search|6|All20Collections3A20monet2C20unloading20coal|Filtered20Search|||type3D3626kw3Dmonet2C20unloading20coal26geoIds3D26clsIds3D26collTypes3D26id3Dall26bDate3D26eDate3D26dExact3D26prGeoId3D26origKW3D

When analysing Monet’s painting, Unloading Coal, it is important to consider ideology in your analysis. Particularly with this painting, it is important to analyse how ideology is having an effect on the environment. In the painting, the coal workers all share the same values and beliefs, in this case, the belief that work and income are most important. Because the coal workers are only focused on completing the work and earning some money, they all become oblivious to the effects their work is having on the environment.

Reflection: After exploring the meaning of ideology and how it is portrayed in Monet’s painting, Unloading Coal, I will likely incorporate my ideology research into an essay paragraph. The paragraph where I will consider ideology in terms of a visual text will be the industrialisation paragraph where I will be referring to Monet’s, Unloading Coal, painting.



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