Essay Topic Research


‘’Noam Chomsky: The Anthropocene Period and its Challenges’’. Video. Youtube. 29 Apr 2014. Web. 25 Apr 2016.


  • ”On the edge”
  • ‘’Humans are now poised to destroy the prospects of decent existence and much of life’’.
  • Species destruction: Relate to species extinction paragraph – birds?
  • Species extinction is an effect of the Anthropocene.
  • ‘’Today we are the asteroid’’. Humans actions are rapidly effecting the environment.
  • Industrial Revolution, ‘’Ratically changed the natural world’’ : Link into industrialisation paragraph on coal industry.


Critically Evaluate one or more of the selected video presentations.

The main topic of the video that I viewed is the Anthropocene and its challenges on the environment. Anthropocene relates back to the time when humans actions started to have a significant impact on the environment. Impacts discussed in the video include species destruction and the industrial revolution. Chomsky described current society as being the asteroid. Humans are the main cause for environmental destruction as we rarely stop to think how our actions are impacting the environment. Points and issues discussed in this video could be integrated into my essay paragraphs, particularly my paragraph on species extinction. Chomsky often refers back to species destruction and the rapid speed at which animals are becoming extinct. Chomsky explains that species extinction is an effect of the Anthropocene. I plan to refer to Chomsky in the species extinction paragraph to strengthen my points and ideas. I definitely think the issues discussed in this video are important for artists and designers to think about because they are extremely current and rapid. We require more influencers, such as artists and designers, to express the negative effects that the Anthropocene is having on the environment, to hopefully decrease the speed of these effects in order to benefit and extend the life of our environment.


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