Wk 6 Reflection on Learning

So far throughout this paper, I have found the visual text analysis process interesting and enjoyable. During high school I often had to analyse artworks or designs for my art and material classes, therefore, this process has been enjoyable and not too difficult as I have some previous experience. The mind map approach has worked for me as I find it easier to quickly note down all of my thoughts and ideas in a visual way. The mind map also encourages me to expand my ideas to build new branches. I have also found the online videos presentations helpful to expanding my knowledge on my essay question topic, as I find I take the key points better through videos and images rather than through reading texts.

I found the week 4 tasks didn’t work well for me as I found that week to be a lot of work. Because of the extent of tasks and information in the week 4 task sheet, I found myself rushing the tasks in order to complete them as fast as possible as I also had studio paper assignments to work on. I don’t feel that the week 4 tasks have been completed as well as they could have been. If I have spare time towards the end of this assignment I will go back through these tasks and adjust where necessary.

The mind map approach that was encouraged in this paper has also been beneficial for my other studio papers. I find mind maps are a great way to quickly note down all of my thoughts and ideas. Before beginning assessment 2 I didn’t know about online sites such as MindMup. I now regularly use this site to create mind maps as it is a much quicker process to complete compared to creating a mind map with pen and paper.


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