Visual Activism & Thinking

Q: What does Mirzoeff mean by ‘visual activism’ and ‘visual thinking’?

Mirzoeff describes visual thinking as something we do not simply study; and something which we have to engage with ourselves. (Mirzoeff 289). Visual thinking is a method of organising your thoughts and emotions visually. Visual processing methods can include, but is not limited to, imagery, videos, and locations. To successfully think visually we must be physically in the moment where visual thinking is taking place. Visual activism is a process of promoting, directing, or announcing change through visual examples. Mirzoeff discusses how the ways in which we engage with issues have changed. (Mirzoeff 290). This is due to the progression of technology over time and how there are now more platforms where issues can be shared and spoken about visually.


Mirzoeff, Nicholas. How to See the World. Great Britain: Penguin, 2015. Print.


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