WHAKAPAPA: Whakapapa is the genealogy or stories which provide meaning and purpose for individuals.

IMAGINED COMMUNITIES: The imagined community is the way a nation is perceived elsewhere through media and symbols. For example, those living outside of New Zealand generally perceive New Zealand as being laid back, clean, green, and nature orientated. However, that imagined idea of New Zealand does not represent all New Zealanders.

TINO RANGATIRATANGA: Tino Rangatiratanga is the Maori meaning for sovereignty, power, and self-government.

SOVEREIGNTY: To obtain the authority and power of a state or nation. This can be referred to as a self-governing state/nation.

‘’HE IWI TAHI TATOU’’: This statement in english means, ‘’We are all one people’’. James Busby greeted the chiefs with this statement as they came forward to sign the treaty.

TIKANGA: Tikanaga is the culture, traditions, and customs that have been handed down through generations.

TERRA NULLIUS: Latin expression which means, ‘’nobody’s land’’.

PRINCIPLES OF THE TREATY: A list of principles that outline intentions and goals of the treaty. One example of a principle is, ‘’The Crown has freedom to govern’’.


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