Week 8 Blog Tasks

  1. Select one of the examples of a representation of poverty or wealth in Aotearoa New Zealand in Dr. Greg Gilbert’s lecture. Upload an image of this example to your blog. Describe the example and the context in which it was made, then discuss it in relation to one of the key concepts Greg introduced in his lecture, using sources other than Greg to support your ideas. These sources may be ones that Greg references in his lecture (100 words).

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 11.51.19 AM.png

Fig. 1. Westra, Ann. from Washday at the Pa. (1964).

An example of poverty being represented in New Zealand that was discussed in Dr Greg Gilbert’s lecture was a children’s illustrated book, Washday at the Pa. Washday at the Pa, first published in 1964 by Ans Westra, was a children’s book that described the daily routine of a rural Maori family living in New Zealand at the time. The book was published by the Education Department’s School Publications section and was distributed throughout Aotearoa to schools. The book featured many photographs which highlighted the living conditions of the Maori family. These living conditions were poor and at the time were a visual representation of poverty in New Zealand. Many people were offended and angry with the photographs featured in this children’s book as they felt the images implied that these were the living conditions for all Maori families in New Zealand. People, in particular, the Maori Women’s Welfare League thought that these images were reinforcing Maori stereotypes. Maori stereotypes were also used in the book title. An article published in the Te Papa Museum Collections explains, ‘’the title was also deemed to be misleading, as the family did not live in a pa, but in a private dwelling’’. (Te Papa Museum Collections). One of the key concepts Dr Greg Gilbert discusses in his lecture is the representation of the poor. Washday at the Pa, is an example of a visual representation of the poor, however, the photographs have created a controversial representation.

Gilbert, Dr. Greg. ‘’Economic Inequality Aotearoa’’. Presentation. Prezi. 22 Sep 2016. Web. 28 Sep 2016.

‘’Washday at the Pa Controversy’’. Article. Collections Online. Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. 1998. Web. 28 Sep 2016.

2. Using Chapters 13 and 14 of Tangata Whenua: An Illustrated History, draw up a timeline of significant events in Aotearoa from the end of WW2 (1945) to the year of the ill-fated Sesquicentennial (1990). Your timeline should include at least 20 key moments, with the more noteworthy events highlighted to indicate their importance. Be creative in your approach.

Timeline 1945-1990.jpg


Open the PDF link above to view my timeline.

Anderson, Atholl, Judith Binney, and Aroha Harris. Tangata Whenua : An Illustrated History. n.p.: Wellington : Bridget Williams Books, 2014. Print.


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