Week 9 Blog Tasks

1. Draw (collage, photograph, paint, etc) the stages of the powhiri in a series of illustrated panels. This can be as sophisticated or a low-fi as you like, it just needs to communicate the powhiri process to an unfamiliar audience.


2. Melanie Wall identifies some of the more common Maori stereotypes that have appeared in New Zealand’s media. Take one of the examples of representations of Maori from Dick’s lecture and discuss it in relation to Wall’s ideas. (100 words).

An example from Dick’s lecture of a representation of Maori through ideology is Althusser’s theory of ideology and the ideological state apparatuses that he developed. Althusser was a philosopher who published an essay in 1970, on his theory or thoughts on ideology. A key concept from Althusser’s ideology essay that Dick drew attention to is the repressive and ideological state apparatuses. The idea behind the apparatuses is that upper class society use the repressive state apparatus to dominate the lower class working society. The repressive state apparatus includes police, army, government, etc. Whereas the ideological state apparatuses is represented through media, religion and schools to reinforce the idea of a dominant class (upper class) through ideology. In New Zealand, Maori are generally classed as the working society or can be perceived as the lower class society even though this is not a fair representation of all Maori. A key idea from Wall’s article is the stereotypes for Maori (racial stereotypes) that are portrayed through New Zealand media. Wall explains that ‘’the stereotype is the key mechanism through which racialised discourse is propagated and reproduced’’. (Wall 40). These stereotypes that are portrayed through the media create contradictory representations of Maori society. Wall’s discussion of Maori stereotypes produced by the media is an example of an ideological state apparatus according to Althusser’s theory.

Wall, Melanie. ‘’Stereotypical Constructions of the Maori ‘Race’ in the Media.’’ New Zealand Geographer 1997: 40-45. Web. 3 Oct 2016.


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