Week 10 Blog Tasks

  1. Inspired by Kerry Ann Lee’s lecture and Tze Ming Mok’s essay, create a piece of creative non-fiction in which you talk about your own cultural identity. You must make at least one connection with a significant moment in the history of Aotearoa (i.e. like Tze Ming Mok did with the attack on Chi Phung, the National Front protest, and the Seabed and Foreshore hikoi), and you must draw from your own lived experience. (200 words).

I am a true New Zealander. I was born in Palmerston North, a small, flat, town which is very family orientated and calm. Palmerston North is where I spent the first 18 years of my life growing up. I had an excellent upbringing with a great education and continuous love and support from family. I grew up living on the Manawatu River bank. This made for some exciting and nervous experiences with the river floods. During February 2004, Palmerston North experienced an intense flood with over 250 millimetres of rain causing schools to be evacuated, bridges being washed away, and many stop banks failing (luckily not where I was situated). However, I never felt as though Palmerston North was truly where I belonged. I have always had a huge interest in fashion and design, and I love how fashion can be a form of expression. After moving to Wellington at the beginning of the year I knew that this was where I belonged and fit in. Wellington is edgy, aesthetic, and extremely accepting of everyone, no matter how you dress or identify yourself. There is more culture and diversity which makes every day interesting and different.

2. Go to the library and ask for one of the 237.131 2 hours loan books. Find the name of a creative practitioner in that book, then search for that name on the book catalogue PCs. Locate and image of their work that fits with your creative writing. Scene this and upload it to your blog, remembering to include a caption.

LOAN BOOK: Smith, H. (2011). E tu ake: Maori Standing Strong. Wellington, N.Z.: Te Papa Press.


BOOK SOURCED ON PC: Cotton, Shane. Shane Cotton. n.p.: Wellington [N.Z.] : City Gallery Wellington; Victoria University Press, 2004, 2004. Print.


Fig. 1. Shane Cotton. R.A.-U.K.. 2003. Acrylic on two panels, 1400 x 2800 mm. Cotton, Shane. Shane Cotton. n.p.: Wellington [N.Z.] : City Gallery Wellington; Victoria University Press, 2004, 2004. Print. 115.



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